Banks & Bay Developments, 30 Years In The Making…

Banks & Bay Developments, 30 Years In The Making


Over the years we know that executing a job takes more than just hard work.

Our experience tells us that understanding the customer’s vision, communicating on all levels, thought processes and taking care of the finer details is paramount to a stress free building site.

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Banks & Bay Developments

Mark Hewitson, director
Mark Hewitson director of Banks and bay developments

Banks & Bay Developments is the brainchild of Mark Hewitson an extremely reputable building contractor in Poole.

Mark, or Marky to his contractors is a very positive, forward thinking guy who takes pride in making the best of every property, often thinking outside of the box. Started in the building industry at the age of 17 as a labourer, following all the tradesman around to gain an insight into how it all works and learn everything he needed to know.

At the age of 24 he started his own company doing landscaping and small building projects. The company grew from there building extensions and alterations.

He was approached to project manage building sites in London for another company which saw him overseeing the construction of multiple units

Moved back to Poole and re-established himself as a builder in the local area where he created Poole Bay Building Co and has since completed around 35 units in the last 5 years, opening up an opportunity to create Banks & Bay Developments.

With all the noise of a building site, quality & excellence actually comes from the attention to the detail.

Projects By Mark Hewitson